5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using SlingApp

by Kenneth Soo
12 February 2018

“Looking for typist job working at home can earn up to RMxxx in a week, PM me...” If you have seen this before, then you must be part of those Facebook groups with some fishy job advertisements. These job ads has reportedly misled our Facebook users to apply with them using attractive points like flexible working hours and daily payment. However, many innocent souls have fallen for this trick and only found out they are scammed until the end.

Now we all know this kind of job ads are sure fishy but we gotta admit to ourselves, sometimes it is very tempting for us to PM, especially after a week of on food and shopping. Anndddd that’s exactly how most of us fell for the trap even thou sudah tau tapi die die must try because broke ma, cannot let your wallet get thinner than you right? So if all the job platforms on Facebook cannot be trusted, where else can we apply part time jobs then?

If you are desperate, eager and want something quick and easy like Tinder, SlingApp Malaysia is a must download app for all the part time job seekers and we have listed 5 reasons why :  

  1. Time Saving

Back in those days, we have to pretend we were just shopping store after store but secretly we were checking the vacancy notice and tried snapping pictures of it when we have found one. Now with just a phone in our hands, we can download the app and we can see all the ‘vacancy notice’.

  1. Swipe Easy Apply

People who have used Tinder before surely have no problem to understand this. Just open the app and swipe right until you come across your fateful encounter. Easy apply like eating a pie.


  1. Come with Descriptions

Read until you get it or you can always bookmark the job and refer it back later if you have made your decision. How convenient?

  1. The More The Merrier

Again, just like Tinder. The more you swipe the higher chance of you getting laid hired. 

  1. Chatting With The One

This is the time where you should impress with all your pick up lines that you have collected time over time… but only on Tinder. Be mindful that chatting with your future boss should be something serious and no play play here. With all these features from SlingApp, it will be beneficial for both job seekers and employers in the case of speeding up the job application and hiring process respectively. Most importantly, all companies and jobs are reviewed and verified. Time to say no to all these fishy Facebook job advertisements. Better play it safe than sorry lor.

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