Introducing SlingApp Swipe to Apply, Chat to get Hired

Introducing SlingApp: Swipe to Apply, Chat to get Hired

by Alif Azizan
12 February 2018

SlingApp Malaysia –Swipe, Hired

       Ever find yourself in a bind due to the ever decreasing job opportunities around you? Have one or two offers coming your way but unrealistically far away from your residence? Or maybe the job offered to you is not on par with your qualifications? What if we tell you that the solution to your occupational dilemma lies just at the tip of your fingers? Literally!

       In comes SlingApp, a mobile app invented for jobseekers like you. Founded by Lucas and TJ in 2016, this novel app officially made its way to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in Malaysia during mid 2017. SlingApp is very handy in helping hopeful applicants find their ideal job, be it full time, part-time, or internships opportunities, SlingApp has it all. Furthermore, only vacant job opportunities or positions nearby the user will be displayed on the app, saves all the hastle, traffic and the costs to travel unpractically far!

       Like every other inventions in this digital age, SlingApp made life a whole lot easier as it simplifies job application process and instantly connects you to the recruiters at any time, anywhere with near perfect efficiency. How to apply? Easy, just swipe RIGHT to apply. The App was founded on the basis that simplicity, efficiency and technology will make job hunting relatively easier, faster, and most importantly more effective. Be it a part time worker or a Civil Engineer, We are never short of new challenges and exciting occupational prospects for you.

“Is SlingApp legit?”
       “Are they for real?”
             “This App is faulty and would probably go down the drain in the next few years”

      Whoa, hold your horses. We are sure that you will have a lot of questions regarding our legitimacy and efficiency in this industry. Sure, we are still an infant or perhaps more accurately, a baby in this industry. However, it didn’t stop us from establishing connections and relationships with, if not plethora then multi-dozens companies in this country. SlingApp as we are speaking at the moment have 200 or perhaps even more companies registered with with us. The lists also includes Sunway Lagoon, Tony Roma’s, Sushi King, Arena 51, The Good Co, and even startups like Mall Dash, Health Metrics, OtomateMe just to name a few. In abundance, a whopping 12,000 applicants had registered and installed the app on iOS and Android. Moreover, the app had also notched more than 500 job posts from the companies registered with us. Not too shabby for a baby company isn’t it? Furthermore, the statistic would serve to prove our legitimacy, quells doubters and highlights the trusts placed on us by the recruiters. It is also worth noting that numbers do not lie, take our statistics into your calculations and you will soon see that the numbers will only keep increasing so why not join us on the bandwagon now and trail blaze your way into your dream career?


       Here in SlingApp, we have a vision ourselves as the “speed hiring”. Easy to use, easy to find, easy to choose, easy to apply! We prioritised speed hiring because we understand your needs to settle down with an ideal and practical job as soon as possible. It’s a fast paced world out there, you would not want to be left behind without a career would you? Plus, we had also aimed to build a job hunting platform that is favoured by Malaysians. That’s right, we are also out there to conquer your hearts! How do we become Malaysia’s number one job hunting platform if you may ask? We are currently working on the rate of matching applicants to recruiter within 1 minute of using SlingApp. Fast and efficient. We are also tinkering on the bright prospect of being able to increase the amount of top quality applicants in order to satisfy the demands in the occupational world.


       Thankfully, the configurations for SlingApp is not as complex as to the other apps that you may have encountered before. It’s simple, pleasing on the eye, very minimalistic and most importantly will take you only a couple of minutes to master it! Swipe UP to initiate or engage in instant chat, swipe LEFT to skip, swipe RIGHT to apply and swipe DOWN to bookmark. Very easy to use, it’s a no brainer!

Why SlingApp?

Why should you register with us? Well, let us have the honour of enlighting you on your benefits;

First and foremost, SlingApp ensures fast application. Say goodbye to the good ol’ days of waiting for your interview results when you can have the answers from your recruiters instantly. Second, we are proven to have a large number of applicants who had registered with us. This shows that we are a trusted party in helping jobseekers land their job and help you find your talents! Third, by signing up on SlingApp, you will be able to enjoy the privilege of being able to see and locate the nearest job posts to you. Fourth, this goes to both jobseekers and employers, you will also be able to benefit from being able to make decision right there and then on the right personnel and workplace. Last but not least, you (the recruiters) will also be able to showcase your job environment and get brand exposure for your company.

SlingApp for Recruiters

       Joining SlingApp is the equivalent of killing 2 birds with one stone, we are not just adept in helping jobseekers land their jobs, we are also equally efficient in helping companies get their man for the job! Why? We at SlingApp comprehends that running a company is an expensive affair. Therefore, we made job postings on our app free of charge! Yes, you heard that right, full time, part time, and even internship jobs can be posted for free on our app. To make it better, your posts can be seen from all jobseekers nearby. Hence, increases your brand exposure and visibility.  Plus, the instant chat feature on our app would enable recruiters to hire their potential employees right from their fingertips. To put the icing on the cake, our system also enables you to dish out the ratings to applicants in order to keep it tidy and maintain high level of work quality.

SlingApp for Job Seekers

      Why should job seekers like you sign up with SlingApp when there are other apps like us too? Well, SlingApp only requires you to complete a one click registration which is (yes we have said it and will say it again) easy! Second, all job posted on SlingApp are verified by SlingApp Admin so there is no need to worry about being conned by fraud companies/parties. Last but not least, the swiping features to Apply or Chat will enable you to get in touch with the recruiters nearby anytime, anywhere.

       In a nutshell, SlingApp is a great platform for you to kickstart your career and helps you find the right individuals for your company so what are you waiting for? Get yourselves over to the App/Play Store, install SlingApp, swipe to apply and chat to get hired!.

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